Turkey threatens NATO says Greek President; Dendias speaks with US over provocations

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Turkey threatens NATO cohesion said Greece's President Katerina Sakellaropoulou during a joint press conference with the President of of Estonia Alar Karis in the city of Tallinn, ahead of an official dinner in her honour on Monday.

"As partners and allies in NATO, Greece and Estonia share common values and principles and are inextricably committed to International Law, which is our policy's compass," she noted.

Referring to current challenges faced by Europe after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, she stressed that these "are brutally insulting and seriously endangering the European security acquis."

She also stressed that Greece, "a longtime advocate of respect for International Law and good neighborly relations, is experiencing similar attempts at revisionism by Turkey, which is escalating its illegal actions, and is challenging Greece's sovereignty and sovereign rights."

This, she pointed out, "presents a risk of a further destabilization in the broader region, and is affecting the unity and cohesion of the North Atlantic Alliance at a particularly critical juncture."

Addressing Karis, she noted that "Greece fully understands your country's concerns regarding the issue of security, and considers it a given that NATO, in this difficult and dangerous time, will defend front line countries in case of an attack."

Referring to the late former President of Estonia Lennart Meri, Sakellaropoulou said that "as President Meri said during your accession to NATO, 'Estonia shall never be alone again.' "

Meanwhile, on the topic of Turkish provocations, Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias spoke with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday.

On Twitter, Dendias said they "focused on the latest developments in the Gulf. Also, I updated my counterpart on the escalation of Turkish provocations through statements and actions on the ground, as well as on my recent trips to the Western Balkans."