You will want to stay in Greece forever; new tourism campaign goes personal

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Greece has launched a new tourism campaign that capitalises on real life experiences of real people who traveled to the country, fell in love with it and had their lives transformed forever since their encounter with this magical playground of the Gods.

On Monday, the Greek National Tourism Organization's (GNTO) announced its new campaign which is  based on the true story of an Austrian man named Otto, who visited Greece many years ago but decided to stay in the country permanently.

"This year we chose to focus on the emotions caused by visiting our country. A true story inspires the new promotion campaign of Greece abroad, through the narration of the experience of a traveler who originally came to our country for vacation, but the peace, simplicity and beauty he experienced, led him to stay, work, start a family in Greece, and finally change his life forever," noted Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias.

GNTO General Secretary Dimitris Fragakis added that "a true story becomes the basis of the campaign's content this year, which touches the feeling of travelers, and puts in the foreground the authenticity of the destination called Greece. Identity and authenticity so strong, that they will make the visitor think of staying in our country forever."

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