Turkish analyst: "We must not go to war with Greece before producing our own warplanes"

Erdoğan Karakuş Turkish analyst

"Turkey should not fight with Greece until it produces its own warplane," said Turkish analyst and retired lieutenant colonel Erdoğan Karakuş when speaking on a TGRT Haber program on Greek-Turkish issues.

The retired lieutenant colonel pointed out that with the new American bases in Greece, and in the area of ​​Alexandroupolis, a brake has been placed against a land attack on Evros, while the equipped islands in the Aegean will not allow the Turkish navy freedom of movement.

"With the installation of the Americans in Alexandroupolis, there was no possibility of using our Land Forces," Karakuş said.

"Their deterrence against Greece did not remain, because if the units cross the Evros they will find the American units against them.

"You will fight with America.

"Greece has equipped the islands and because the islands are armed, today it is not possible to use naval forces in the Aegean effectively..

"All those weapons will be against our navy."

The analyst stressed that until Turkey acquires its own warplane, it should not enter into a military confrontation with Greece so as not to give our country a chance.

"Turkey should not fight for 20 years, until it produces its own warplane and until it manages to produce 300 of them and can be protected with them, it should not enter into a big war," Karakuş said. "Such an opportunity should not be given to Greece."

It is recalled that he had recently argued that the first threat to Turkey is Greece and that Mitsotakis' visit to Washington was essentially directed against Turkey.

Karakuş had also previously claimed that the names "Aegean" and "Agamemnon" are "proto-Turkish" words and not Greek, while he had also previously "analyzed" the manner of a Turkish invasion of Greek Thrace, in case of war with Greece.

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