Helena Paparizou's relationship advice: "Love does not keep promises"

Helena Paparizou

Helena Paparizou gave an interview and referred to her career and her lover, Andrea Kapsalis.

The singer spoke on the show "Eleni" and initially mentioned her participation in Eurovision, in which she famously won in 2005.

"It goes without saying that both times we wanted the first place," she said in reference to her previous participation in 2001 with Antique.

"That's what we wanted and that's why we went.

"We used to say that going to Eurovision with a song called 'My Number One' and finishing last was a drama," she added.

She then referred to her love and personal life.

"Nothing is standard, as a great gentleman told me, love does not keep promises. It was very important what he told me," he said.

"Relationships, after many years, wear out and we fall in love again with our partner.

"We pass waves. The most important thing is for the couple to not give up even if they fight.

"Neither himself, nor his partner.

Finally, she referred to her husband, Andrea Kapsalis.

"Andreas' most beautiful gift is that he is always incredibly kind.

"There is no one who has known him and has not said how wonderful he is. He has a big heart."

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