Revamped Syntagma Square to open on June 15.

Syntagma Square

The famous Syntagma Square in central Athens will open to the public on June 15 after months of constructions.

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The lower part of the revamped area that will open covers the area where Mitropoleos, Ermou, and Karageorgi Servias streets begin.

The works in the area started at the start of September 2021 with a six- to the eight-months time frame for completion in mid-March.

Nevertheless, there was a delay due to the discovery of antiquities during the excavations, while time was also needed for the construction of infrastructure projects for utility networks.

The sidewalk has been expanded, with the reduction of traffic lanes to four.

The average width of the sidewalk between Karageorgi Servias and Ermou is 7.80 meters and 5.20 meters in the Ermou-Mitropoleos section. The plan also foresees the introduction of dozens of large trees.

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Design plans for Syntagma Square, Source: Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis on Facebook

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