Mayor of Alimos imposes harsh measures for bars playing music after 11PM - "People Must Sleep"

Bolivar nightclub Alimos

The Municipality of Alimos took strict measures to deal with noise pollution on the coastal front, effectively banning music at night so that local residents can get a good night of sleep.

Mayor Andreas Kondylis announced that music from beach bars must stop at 11pm and that any store continuing to play will face a fine imposed by the police.

There are even more severe penalties, including even the permanent closure of a shop.

In particular, after three violations, a store will be sealed by the Municipality. As clarified by the municipal authority, the above measure will be valid until June 7 and then the situation will be re-evaluated.

"The measure is extreme, because it has been preceded by an extreme and absurd situation here," said the mayor.

"Before the summer season started, I called shopkeepers to talk, and we agreed that the residential area could coexist with the fun of the beach area.

"From the sea the sound reaches the middle of our city.

"They need to reduce the effects of noise pollution that we have had very often in recent years as the shopkeepers compete with each other over on who will cover the other's music.

"There are people, children taking exams, the elderly, sick people, who should have the right to sleep. The situation is completely gone.

"Shops set up platforms on the beach, put a bouzouki band to perform live, set up a trap concert on the beach, these without any provision for sound control are out of the ordinary.

"So the 11PM curfew that the law says about music for a week is valid, in which we will look for a way to coexist.

"We say that there is a way to coexist, as long as we respect each other. There are a total of 12 shops on the beach."

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