AUSTRALIA: Single mum loses custody of children after smacking one with wooden spoon

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An unemployed single mother in Australia has lost custody of her children after admitting to hitting her son with a wooden spoon for blowing $600 on her credit card, reports the Daily Mail.

According to the media report, the woman pleaded guilty to 'assault' on Thursday at Southport Magistrates Court in Queensland, with the magistrate Mark Bamberry giving the woman a nine-month probation order with no conviction recorded.

After being informed of the incident,  child protective services removed both her children and is only able to see them twice a week under supervision.

Speaking during her sentencing, Magistrate Mark Bamberry said he sympathised with the mum but said that society had "moved on" from physically punishing children.

"I accept this completely out of character. I can understand why she’s done what she’s done.

"I can only imagine how difficult this is as a single mother with two children to make ends meet."

Notably many countries have banned physical punishment of children as a means to disciplining them, such as New Zealand which passed  legislation  in 2007 banning the practice.

In Queensland, mums and dads are able to use 'reasonable' force 'under the circumstances' to correct or discipline their child.