Despina Vandi: How did she respond to the possibility of marriage with Vasilis Bisbikis?

Despina Vandi and Vasilis Bisbikis

Despina Vandi and Giorgos Theofanous start their big summer tour with Katrakeio as their first stop.

The singer and the composer, in parallel with their work, will try to steal time for his summer vacation.

On the show "Happy Day", the journalist asked Vandi if she would manage to spend some time with Bisbikis.

"Vassilis has his own tour, it will be difficult to combine," the beloved singer said.

Then the question was raised about the possibility of marriage with Bisbikis, with the singer and George Theofanous answering together: "Marriage is this" - obviously referring to their artistic marriage.

Referring to the articles about her personal life, Vandi said: "I am used to it, my girl is many years old, I am used to it".

What did Vandi say when asked again a month

Despina Vandi was asked on the show "Smile again" and initially, she tried to avoid the question about her marriage to Vasilis Bisbikis , telling journalist to ask her something else, but in the end she did not succeed.

So she gave an apt answer, without having to clarify what she intends to do in her relationship.

"I do not need to get married. I am very well and that's what I care about at the moment, that I am happy," said Vandi.

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