George Kambosos Jr. doesn't make weight; has 2 hours to lose 140 grams

2022 05 GeorgeK 35952

George Kambosos Jr. has 2 hours to make weight after  he was found to be 140 grams over the 61kg lightweight limit during the dramatic weight-in today.

The Greek Australian champ won't have difficulty losing the few grams and is expected to make weight and hopefully become the undisputed lightweight champion of the world by beating Devin Haney at Marvel Stadium on Sunday.

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When Haney and his entourage realised Kambosos Jr was slightly over, they started to taunt and mock the champ. 

“I said he ain’t s**t,” Haney recalled, when asked by MC Warren Smith what words were exchanged.

A fiery exchange between both camps ensured following a heated face-off between Kambosos Jr and Haney, with Kambosos' dad seemingly agitated by something said that saw him trying to push through to Haney's camp.

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The question remains whether this minor slip up at the scales will play on the champ's mind as it was something that could've been avoided had the Kambosos camp weighed the champ on the official scales and not on hotel scales as they had done before arriving for the weigh-in.
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