George Kambosos Jr returns and makes weight; game on for all the belts!

🥊 George Kambosos

Kambosos on why he initially missed weight: “Art of war. Deception.”

Unified world lightweight champion George Kambosos Jr has made weight ahead of his fight with Devin Haney, despite missing weight on his first attempt.

The Greek Australian finally weighed in at 134.49 lbs (61.01 kgs), under the 135 lb limit.

Kambosos initially came in at 135.36 lbs (61.39 kg) on the scales, even stripping naked in a desperate attempt to make weight.

At the Weigh in Kambosos when asked about his first attempt.

"Art of war baby - deception. Let them believe this was done," Kambosos said after making weight.

"Everything is for a cause. Everything is for a process. Trust me. Maybe I did it on purpose."

When asked how he managed to drop the weight, Kambosos offered a very casual response.

"I took a p***, simple as that," he said.

"I chilled out, I was about to have a Greek coffee. I thought 'nah, let me go make the weight then I'm going to have my Greek coffee'.

"It changes nothing, it changes [Haney's] mindset now."

As for Haney, he made weight on his first try, coming in at 134.92 lbs (61.19 kg).

The 23-year-old American was also quick to taunt his Australian opponent at the time.

"He ain't s***, he ain't made weight," Haney said.

"I knew what I had to do, I made weight, and I'm a true champion.

"I mean he's sucked up, he's dry ... we've still got to go in there and fight.

"But I'm a true champion and true champions make weight."