Ithaca's BEST five beach - The Forgotten Ionian Island

Aspros Gialos Ithaca

Although Ithaca is often overshadowed by its other Ionian Island neighbours like Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Corfu, there is no reason why a tourist should skip past this jewel.

The timelessness of this location is seen with the very fact that there is very little tourism infrastructure.

Virtually all the beaches are covered with pebbles, big and small, and many of the island’s most impressive beaches are more easily accessed by boat.

Many boats offer day-trip and transportation services to these.


Filiatro beach Ithaca

The island’s most frequented and cosmopolitan beach, Filiatro lures scores of people, drawn by its rich-blue and transparent waters, enabling swimmers to see all the way to the seabed’s large stones.

An olive grove directly behind the beach offers plenty of shade.

Filiatro beach Ithaca

Otherwise, the beach is serviced with beach umbrellas and sunbeds, while the beach bar serves coffee as well as fruit-juice drinks and food.

Keep in mind that the beach pebbles are quite sizeable.

Rubber waterproof footwear may prove useful for more comfortable walking. Such footwear will also come in handy for the island in general, as most of its beaches are pebbled.

Platia Ammos

Platia Ammos Ithaca

Ithaki’s northernmost beach, Platia Ammos is widely regarded as the island’s most impressive.

It is one of the island’s few sandy beaches, all white and fine sand, which, along with the rich-blue waters, gives this place a Seychelles look.

Platia Ammos Ithaca

Not accessible overland, it can only be reached by boat from Frikes or Kioni.

It is not serviced and does not offer much shade. Beach umbrellas and water are essential here.


Yidaki Ithaca

Yidaki is a long beach with crystal-clear, Caribbean-like turquoise waters and pine trees that reach the shore.

Many rightly regard this beach as being the island’s finest.

Beach umbrellas and sunbeds may be rented, while a canteen is stocked with essentials. No road reaches this beach.

Yidaki Ithaca

It can be reached either by boat from Ithaki’s port, in Vathy, the capital, a ride offering pleasant viewing of the island’s shoreline from the sea, or by vehicle as far as Skinos beach, followed by a half-hour walk along a relatively mild trail cutting through pine trees.


Sarakiniko Ithaca

A small bay covered in greenery, Sarakiniko is a good choice for a quick dip as the beach is situated just 2.5 kilometres from Vathy and reached by a road leading all the way to it.

Small boats and a canteen will be encountered upon arriving to a first section of this beach, but, moving towards the right, a short trail leads to second beach that is bigger and not serviced.

Sarakiniko Ithaca

Visitors are advised to carry essentials, including water and beach umbrella.

The beach is pebbled with turquoise waters.

Aspros Gialos

Aspros Gialos Ithaca

Named after its white pebbles, this beach is located by the road running from Vathy towards Stavros.

Parking space is available at the top. Visitors need to go down a considerable number of steps to reach this impressive bay with rocks to the right and left.

It does not have a canteen or beach bar but a limited number of beach umbrellas and sunbeds are available for rent.

The pebble coverage may prove a little rough for the feet, so visitors are advised to carry rubber waterproof footwear.

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Beach umbrellas will also come in very handy as shady spots are non-existent here.

The water is pure blue and crystal clear.

The use of a diving mask will enable swimmers to view the fascinating underwater world and also explore the rocks just off the beach.

On a clear day, Kefalonia, across the other side, is visible.

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