Joanna Paliospirou outraged by the "flattery" given to Efi Kakaranzoula: "She is educated and regrets her action"

Joanna Paliospirou

The anger and indignation of Joanna Paliospirou was caused by the statements made a former inmate at the same prison where Efi Kakaranzoula, the one responsible for the horrific vitriol attack that has left Joanna permanently scarred, is locked up.

More specifically, the former inmate inmate spoke to Proino and said, among other things: "She has a level, she is selective, she has humour".

The statements about Efi Kakaranzoula:

"She is generally an educated person, who has a level and in any case if I did not know the incident, I would not believe that she has committed it.

"She is selective, she has a sense of humor, she seems to be a person with stimuli, she is agile and certainly if the mind gets stuck in something you cannot control it.

"What I realised is that there may have been a good reason for what she did.

"I believe that she has regretted her act, because she destroyed not only the life of Ioanna Paliospirou but also her own.

"'I would not do it again,' she had told me.

"She feels very bad because she has put her family in a very difficult position.

"The people who know her and have supported her have not left her.

"This is something she tells us very often.

"If she had known he was going to cross this Golgotha, she would not have done it."

In fact, he denied that the woman who caused irreparable damage to Ioanna had stolen clothes inside the prison.

"She does not need to steal since financially she is fine.

"She is still working in the kitchen."

The outburst of anger at Ioanna Paliospirou, through her lawyer Nikos Alexandris, expressed her anger for the statements, saying that an attempt is being made to repair her image.

"Ioanna is clearly outraged as through the interview, in collaboration with someone else, try to embellish the image of the perpetrator and would-be murderer of Ioanna, to give her a form of sanctification.

"At the same time, we must say that the part of the interview that talks about the large financial surface of the perpetrator is of particular interest.

"I remind her that throughout her life and until her final conviction, she declared herself bankrupt and unable to have any assets."

37-year-old Efi Kakarantzoula was sentenced to 15 years in prison in October 2021 for the attempted murder of Joanna Paliospirou with acid in the Athens suburb of Kallithea in May 2020.

At the time, prosecutor Charalambos Mastrantonakis said the attacker executed her criminal plan “in a calculated manner. She had vile motives, murderous egoism and moral pettiness.”

He stressed that the type of acid that Kakarantzoula used and the way she executed her crime “leaves no doubt about her murderous intent.”

“The defendant did not want to ruin the face of Joanna [the victim], she ruined her life,” Mastrantonakis continued.

“When she threw the acid in her face, she accepted that it could be inhaled, swallowed, find its way to her trachea, and kill her,” he said, adding: “it was revenge that accepted the risk of death.”

Kakarantzoula claimed during the trial that she had no intent of killing Paliospirou.

She explained that stalked Paliospirou after suspecting her of dating a man with whom she had embarked on a sexual relationship in 2018.

She admitted to going to significant lengths to procure vitriol to the survivor’s place of work in an office building, saying she paid a man she met outside a shop in downtown Athens to get it for her.

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