Antonis Remos' tender kiss to his beloved Yvonne Bosnjak on her birthday - Watch the video

Antonis Remos Yvonne Bosnjak

Yesterday was a very special day for Yvonne Bosnjak as she celebrated her birthday. Early on, Antonis Remos' wife started receiving wishes.

The birthday party was set up early and was attended by her dear friends.

The party was set up late at night in a restaurant by the sea. The cake was special and the predominant colour was black.

Among the guests were Haris Sianidis, Maria Bekatorou and Nafsika Panagiotakopoulou, who has returned to her old routine before Survivor.

When it came time for the birthday song, Bosnjak's friends sang rhythmically and Antonis Remos exchanged a tender kiss with his beloved.

Life relationship

Yvonne and Antonis got married in 2018 and together they have 7-year-old Eleni, the child of love as Bosnjak calls her, since the little one was born on February 14.

"Antonis is a really wonderful dad. I am very proud and very grateful that I chose this man and he really is such a good dad", Yvonne Bosnjak had stated in an earlier interview on the show "Ela Hamogela" while Remos had also spoken about his beautiful family.

"Elenitsa does to me whatever she wants, but surely there is a great love and a great concern and responsibility," he said.

"It grows very beautifully. We are the bosses but the women decide.

"I thank Yvonne for standing by me all this time that I have been a little lost from home."

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