Former Turkish State Minister calls for "clearing operations" against the Greek islands

turkish state minister

Former Turkish State Minister Masum Türker proposed that the Turkish Armed Forces carry out "clearing operations" on Greek islands, proving once again the inflammatory atmosphere that has formed in Turkey against Greece.

Speaking on a CNN Türk show, Türker, Minister of State in 2002 under the government of Bülent Ecevit, is even in favour of war with Greece, as long as the Treaty of Lausanne is "observed".

The dialogue with the presenter Fulya Kalfa and journalist Emin Pazarcı, who was publicly surprised by the position of the former minister, is as follows:

- Türker: In some of these islands we have to do a clearing operation. Our navy must take action on those Aegean islands that will put an end to the situation there

- Kalfa: You are talking about islands that must have a demilitarised status

- Türker: Yes my soul. We know how the those islands in the Treaty of Lausanne

- Pazarcı: But Mr Massum, what you are saying means war.

- Türker: This is not a war, sir. But if war is needed, let there be war, yes if there is to be war, let there be war to defend our rights in the Treaty of Lausanne.

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