Greek calamari makes CNN's "best fried foods in the world" list

fried calamari

Fried calamari is of course synonymous with a holiday under the Mediterranean sun beaming down on a Greek island with a side of ouzo.

CNN however has listed this simple yet majestic meal in it's "30 of the best fried foods around the world" list.

fried calamari

“Breaded and fried, it is served with lemon, either with marinade or with a creamy sauce based on mayonnaise. The dish of Greek and Italian seafood specialties has reached luxury American restaurants as a mainstream appetizer”, writes CNN.

“It was first reported by the New York Times in 1975, that these simple ‘squid rings’ may not be as fashionable as they were in the 90s, but they remain on many menus,” the piece wrote.

fried calamari

Analysing why it is such a popular food, the article cites evidence that fried dough and other similar delicacies have been enjoyed since the ancient Mesopotamians invented pans. “The love of this kind of cooking has grown over time,” the piece adds.

In the feature, CNN has compiled a list of the best fried foods in the world and informs travellers, in anticipation of the summer holidays, of what they should enjoy if they are in one of these places.

Japanese vegetable tempura is in the first place, however, Greece is not missing from the list, in the 21st place.

The following is the whole list, for those who want to look for delicacies.

Tempura (Japan)
Hushpuppies (US South)
Churros (Spain, Portugal and Latin America)
Beignets (Louisiana)
Mandazi (East Africa)
Jalebi (India)
Zucchini flowers (Italy)
Cronut (United States)
Fry bread (Native Americans in the US)
Fried green tomatoes (United States)
French fries (Belgium and France)
Pakora (India)
Tostones (Caribbean and Latin America)
Arancini (Italy)
Fofos de arroz (Mozambique)
Chiko rolls (Australia)
Onion bhajis (India)
Banh cam (Vietnam)
Scotch eggs (United Kingdom)
Katsu (Japan)
Fried calamari (Italy and Greece)
Fried chicken (Korean and American)
Fried clams (New England)
Kibbeh (Middle East)
Leche frita (Spain)
Prawn toast (Hong Kong)
Deep-fried Mars bar (United Kingdom)
Fried pizza (Italy)
Chimichangas (Southwest US)
Chicharrons (Spain, Latin America and the Philippines)

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