Italians choose Elafonisos for Holidays in Greece

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The island of Elafonisos remains one of the top holiday spots preferred by Italians according to a recent article in the online newspaper which ranks it among the best destinations for summer vacations in 2022. refers to the magical island:

"The desire for summer vacations is growing dramatically. Fortunately, after two years, the pandemic seems to be giving us some breathing space, so there is no excuse for postponing our long-awaited vacations. Yes, but where? The Travel section of The Wom portal has compiled the list of the best destinations for the summer holidays of 2022. Are you ready to discover them with us?".

This is not the first time Elafonisos has emerged as a favourite destination for Italians. Just recently, the picturesque island was ranked among the best summer destinations for 2022 according to the Italian Italian website Inran. while, according to data published by E-Real Estates, many Italians choose the island as an investment, buying real estate there.

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