Giorgos Margaritis: Shudders when he remembers his childhood

Giorgos Margaritis

Giorgos Margaritis was invited to the show "He and the Other" and the beloved singer showed rare emotion when he remembered his childhood.

"The pleasant moments of my childhood were the misery that existed inside me for the good song," he said.

"In elementary school, I listened to music in the cafes of the village and to the older ones than me who were having fun. That was my good thing.

"Beyond that, I do not want to remember my village.

"Sorry, I do not want to remember my childhood," underlined Margaritis.

"What comes to mind… Where we did not have clothes to wear? Where we did not have food to eat?

"I do not wish this to happen again in our country."

Giorgos Margaritis was born on March 25, 1945 in the village of Petroto in the prefecture of Trikala.

He is of Asia Minor descent from his father, as his grandfather Costas Margaritis was from the wider area of ​​Smyrna.

The singer is the offspring of a poor family and lived a difficult childhood with many deprivations.

From a young age, he showed his inclination to singing and when at the age of 13 he met Tsitsanis, he encouraged him to go down later to Athens to find him.

Giorgos Margaritis did this at the age of 15, receiving a warm welcome.

He started singing professionally when he was ended his military service, singing in various nightclubs and gaining knowledge and experience in the late 60's and early 70's.

He entered the discography in 1981 with the album "Εσύ Μιλάς Στην Καρδιά Μου" (You speak in my heart), which was a great success and became gold.

To date he has recorded over 20 personal albums and has collaborated with great composers and lyricists of classical folk and more. He is considered one of the leading folk singers of his generation.

He married in 1989 and has a son and a daughter.

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