Former Pilot who murdered wife Caroline Crouch bashed in prison


Former pilot Babis Anagnostopoulos, 34, who murdered his 20-year-old wife, British national Caroline Crouch in front of their baby was reportedly bashed in prison reported Metro.

According to the media outlet, the alleged prison assault came only days after Anagnostopoulos was moved from a high-security jail in Athens to another facility in central Greece.

It is reported that Guards only narrowly managed to pull the inmate off before he inflicted more serious injuries, according to his lawyer, Alexandros Papaioannidis.

Mr Papaioannidis told The Sun: ‘Reports that he said “I want to kill him. I came from another prison. I’ve been looking for him” are true.

‘He is very worried the new jail houses around 900 hardened criminals and is very hard, very tough.’

Local media reported that Anagnostopoulos had pleaded not to be transferred, citing death threats and security concerns.

He is said to have spent his first few days at the new prison in solitary confinement before being placed in a cell with three other inmates.