Symi will have a cable car


The municipality of Symi will acquire a cable car to facilitate the residents and visitors of the island, the Mayor Lefteris Papakalodoukas said.

Papakalodoukas stressed, according H Rodiaki, that "it will not be two carriages, but a pillar.",

"In no case does the image of the settlement deteriorate. It will be a carriage that can carry four people and 300 kg and from behind will follow a second carriage that will be able to carry 600 kg."

"This beauty that Symi has, is paid, built on the rocks, is not easy to serve.

"It is not easy to have your home there.

"Raising children or carrying household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, etc. is not easy.

"Life is generally very difficult for permanent residents who do not have easy access to their homes.

"And for us, there is a difficulty in collecting waste."

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