Giannis Floriniotis on Lefteris Pantazis: "He stabbed me in the back"

Giannis Floriniotis Lefteris Pantazis

Giannis Floriniotis made a new complaint against Lefteris Pantazis in his most recent interview.

The singer gave an interview to Well magazine and when asked about the behaviour of his colleagues that upset him, he replied:

"I have no complaints, it's their right. Even in some charities, the businessmen told me not to go because my colleagues would leave if I went. So I did everything I could on a charitable basis. At least I feel good about what I did. I always saw everyone with love, even though I knew they were cursing me."

He then referred to Lefteris Pantazis, whom he has said many times in the past that he has been upset with.

He said:

"Lefteris has upset me a lot. When I was in the middle, Lefteris had released a few songs and I listened to him and I liked him, I helped him as much as I could and I recommended him to the company with which I was collaborating at the time.

"I liked him very much, but he did a lot to me. He is a very good singer but he always tried to be like Voskopoulos and me.

"I did a song that was going to be a big hit and as soon as he heard it, he did it.

"The same thing happened with a duet that I would do with my daughter, he did it again.

"He stabbed me in the back but I cannot hate him, I am not such a person."

Finally, Giannis Floriniotis stressed that he has talked to him many times.

"I had forgiven him in the past, but then he made me worse.

"He cannot accept that he did not make Voskopoulos' career or mine, and for that he does what he does."

See the video of statements he had made in the past about Lefteris Pantazis:

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