Food security problems do not exist in Greece, says Minister Georgantas

wheat food security

There will be no problem in Greece’s food security or supply chain due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Agricultural Development and Food Ministry’s officials, as well as market representatives, said in an interview with AMNA on Monday.

The increase in the price of grain since the beginning of the war “breaks” one record after another, with the Agricultural Development and Food Minister George Georgantas.

He said that “the issue of food adequacy arose worldwide due to three factors: the energy crisis, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the effects of the climate crisis.”

These are factors that, as he said, create a significant problem in the international markets and in combination with the fear of a food problem, lead to soaring prices.

The minister underlined that “the problem of food adequacy in Greece does not exist now, nor will it exist in the near future, nor has there been a problem in the supply chain both in Greece and in EU countries.”

He added that Greece, in cooperation with the Greek importers “has opened channels for replenishment, from other countries – EU but also third countries – of the quantities we have imported into common wheat and maize, from the countries currently at war.”

The president of the Association of Greek Traders of Cereals and By-Products, Spyros Grigoratos, reassured to AMNA that Russia’s war with Ukraine will not cause any food problem in our country.

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