Turkish tourist numbers to Lesvos increase

Lesvos Island is populer tourist destination in Greece. Turkish tourists

The arrivals of Turkish tourists in Lesvos are increasing as a ferry service to Izmir is scheduled to open in a few days time.

As the travel agent Aris Lazaris stated to ERT Aegean, since Friday, more than 450 people from Turkey came to the island for the three days.

Larger arrivals are expected in July, while in most tourist accommodations bookings are on the rise.

Many Turkish tourists visited Agiasos to see the cherry blossom events.

The Aegean island will become the first to have a direct ferry service with Izmir in Turkey.

The service is scheduled to begin on June 17, when the ferry will sail from from Turkey to Mytilene port.

The 400-seater catamaran Ihsan Alyanak, owned by the Izdeniz company, is expected to sail the route twice a week, every Friday and Sunday.

The journey is expected to take two hours and 15 minutes.

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