70 year old British tourist accused of raping his 34 year old daughter on Greek island


A 70-year old British tourist has been accused of raping his 34-year old daughter while on holiday in the town of Malia on the Greek island of Crete, reported CNN Greece.

According to the media outlet,  the victim reported the incident to police claiming she was drunk at the time and couldn't remember much other than that her attacker was dressed in all white.

After reviewing CCTV footage police discovered the father and daughter were drinking together, but noticed that the 70 year old had  made “obscene gestures to his daughter” before hitting her in the face.

Her father allegedly followed her out onto the street and raped her on an empty beach.

Authorities claim the rape was forensically certified, and proceeded to arrest the 70-year old who denied any involvement, saying that "they are looking for the wrong man", while the woman, in complete surprise, still cannot believe her father was the rapist.

The outcome will be determined by DNA samples that have been collected for comparison.