MYKONOS: Eleni Foureira's spicy live show, Scorpio's 3km queue and the overcharged crepe (VIDEOS)

Eleni Foureira Mykonos

Extremely explosive is the best way to describe the appearance of Eleni Foureira on Sunday night in Lio, Mykonos, in a sold out appearance that started shortly after midnight.

A massive party was organised by the Butterfly group in a villa and attracted around 500 people.

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Meanwhile, whoever wanted to be in "Scorpios" on Sunday had to be patient since the queue of cars reached three kilometres!

eleni foureira mykonos

Eleni Foureira Mykonos

eleni foureira mykonos

Eleni Foureira Mykonos

Eleni Foureira Mykonos

Thanasis Vassilopoulos appeared at Solymar, while Nikos Vertis, who came to discuss the details of his appearance in July, was on the island for one night.

On Sunday night, Nikos Economopoulos and his friends were seen relaxing at "Aroma".

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The crepe made of "gold"

Among the paradoxes of Mykonos and the unfortunate Greek, who at around 03:00 in the morning chose to eat a crepe.

He chose egg, turkey, mushrooms, cheese and mayonnaise and almost fell dry when asked for 13 euros at the checkout.

She protested about the caviar crepe, as it turned out to be charged three times more expensive than its price.

Of course the receipt was kept as a souvenir.

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