The crazy prices of Mykonos: Sunbeds from €700 and party tables from €20,000!


The truth is that Mykonos is one of the most expensive vacation islands in Greece, thus not making it for everyone - and in case one wants to visit its most famous beach bars and clubs, then the excursion becomes even more expensive.

It is certainly not for those who do not have a small fortune to spend if they want to to enjoy the basic services, graces and beauties that the island offers and not move around like monks during a fasting period.

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The price list

In Mykonos, not everything is just expensive, not even very expensive, but ridiculously expensive to make it inaccessible to the average person with an average income and average expectations.

From renting a lounge that can cost up to 700 euros per set to a drink table at 20,000 euros (minimum consumption), which you have to prepay by charging your credit card before you even set foot in the bar.

Entrepreneurs will try to make up for lost time by investing heavily in this season.

At the same time, new restaurants are opening up with catering and entertainment, which are dangerously increasing the competition.

One of them is the legendary "Pacha" of Ibiza, with a trademark of the two legendary cherries, while its two "brothers" have already opened: the restaurant-club-cabaret "Lio", with the impressive shows every 30 minutes from exotic slender dancers, who charge the event with Eleni Foureira 1,000 euros per head at the first tables, and the hotel complex "Destino", with prices starting from 700 euros per night for a simple double and 1,300 euros for the "suite" of 42 sq.m.

Behind the project is the American investment fund Trilantic Europe based in London, which in 2017 took over the reins of the Pacha group, throwing a sack of money in order to develop the brand, opening branches around the world and of course in Mykonos, which the Spaniards call it "Ibiza of Greece".

It is noted that "Pacha" caught a stall opposite the beach bar-restaurant "Alemagou", which operates in the same way, ie by holding parties in which internationally recognised DJs appear as guests, and among them "The Sanctuary", the which belongs to businessmen from Italy and Germany, a fact that is expected to cause congestion in the former beach-sanctuary of Ftelia, with all that entails.

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The tables

Last Monday afternoon, "Pacha" in Ftelia opened its doors to welcome "friends and associates" to an unofficial premiere and after many obstacles, as last year it had received a rain of complaints about illegal work.

The club is full of concierges, travel agents and hotel executives, those who will act on behalf of customers who want to experience the "Pacha" experience.

The guests were impressed by the view and the design, they think that the food still needs work, but what impressed them was the prices of the music events that have been planned for this year.

Specifically, for the appearance of the German-Bosnian Solomun, with a 100,000 euro cassette, as it is considered one of the most popular and recognizable DJs in Greece, the best tables at "Pacha" tare priced at 20,000 euros (minimum consumption) and can accommodate up to 12 people.

The immediately cheaper ones are offered instead of 15,000 euros and the last category is the tables of 10,000 euros.

Same prices at the events of Marco Carola, one of the dominant players of minimal techno, a key exponent of the famous Neapolitan sound, which is equally popular with the Greek public.

More... cheaper is the package for the appearances of the equally popular Guy Gerber, with the VIP tables of "Pacha" being charged 15,000 euros and the immediately cheaper 10,000 and 5,000 euros respectively.

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Fees of 200,000 euros

And the legendary "Pacha" may try to enter the market of Mykonos, but this year the "SantAnna" on the beach of Paraga seems to be stealing the show.

In the creation of Dimitris Christoforidis and Christos Athanasiadis, which extends in an area of ​​10,000 sq.m. and hosts high end organic restaurants, bars and lounges.

This is in addition to spa and beach cabanas alongside the largest seaside pool in Europe.

They have dropped a lot of money - over 1 million euros - for lighting and sound.

Pop star Jason Derulo will appear there on July 28, who, according to sources, will receive a salary of 200,000 euros.

That night the good tables of "SantAnna" will be charged up to 20,000 euros and those standing will pay 100 euros entrance ticket, with managers expecting 3,000 people. A reasonable question is whether these numbers will come out.

That is, can a beach bar owner in Mykonos give 200,000 euros to bring an artist and at the same time expect that there will be customers who will pay 20,000 euros per table? The answer is "probably yes".

And whoever you ask on the island will tell you about "the example of Scorpios ", which on Sundays makes turnovers from 400,000 to 700,000 euros.

At "Scorpios" the pricing policy has not changed for this year - the prices at the tables for the parties remain steep.

The three tables next to the dj in the red row, according to the plan, cost 10,000 euros each and are prepaid with a credit card charge with the booking confirmation.

The tables opposite them, in the gray row, are priced at 5,000 euros (minimum consumption).

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SantAnna - Pop star Jason Derulo is set to appear at the famous beach bar on 28/7, who, according to Proto Thema, will receive €200,000.

"Cavo Paradiso", perched on a rock, builds its legend for 29 consecutive years as a place of summer and pilgrimage for clubbers everywhere, hosting the most famous and highly paid djs, always with the same intensity until the morning, where you can to enjoy the most enchanting sunrise.

Its pricing policy is worthy of the names that parade from its decks.

Specifically, for the event on 11/8 with guests from the electronic music band Meduza, the tables next to the dj cost 6,000 euros (minimum consumption) and the ones directly opposite 4,000 euros.

In the shops of Chora, the prices in the VIP tables of the bars and clubs differ from night to night. Charges are made last minute and depend on the company and the customer, as well as how crowded the bar is that night.

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