Turkish fake news: "Greek forces killed an Afghan immigrant in Evros"

Turkish-Greek border Evros Turkish fake news

Turkish media continued their fake news campaign, this time kickstarted by DHA, by claiming that Greek authorities opened fire and killed an Afghan illegal immigrant near the Greek-Turkish border, specifically close to the village of Alibey.

For their part, the Turkish media broadcast the news without presenting any other information.

Athens denies what Ankara claims, pointing out that there has never been an incident of shootings in Evros.

What the Turkish media broadcast

As CNN Türk claims the incident took place in the village of Alibey near the Greek border in the Uzunköprü district of Andrianoupolis (Ἁδριανούπολις, Turkish: Edirne).

There, according to the outlet, Greek security forces reportedly opened fire on a group of migrants from Afghanistan who were trying to cross the border illegally, resulting in the death of one and the serious injury of eight people.

In addition, CNN Türk claims that the immigrant was taken by medical teams, who went to the area, to the hospital of Uzunköprü.

His health condition was serious and despite the efforts of doctors he did not survive. An investigation has been launched into the incident, according to the Turkish news agency.

Greek Police sources said no incident occurred over recent days at the border, while Minister Takis Theodorakakos referred to "fake news" and accused official Turkey of once again "instrumentalising" irregular migrants.

The repots out of the neighboring country come amid a crescendo of recent threats, saber-rattling and ultra-nationalist rhetoric emanating from the Erdogan administration, its political allies and much of the now AKP-owned press against Greece.

The same region witnessed a failed attempt by Ankara in March 2020 to assembly and then push forward illegal immigrants into Greece by “rushing” the border.

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