Foreign Ministry sources: Turkey's criticism of the appointment of muftis is hypocritical

Muslims Turkey

Diplomatic sources attribute the attitude of Turkey regarding the criticism exercised in Greece in relation to the appointment of muftis to be hypocritical.

Diplomatic sources state that by Presidential Decree published in the Turkish government newspaper last week (June 7, 2022), three Muftis were appointed, another seven were transferred and one resigned from his duties.

"We are interested in the fact that in Turkey, the Muftis are civil servants of the Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet), which is a state service," they added.

The same sources point out that Turkish officials have repeatedly criticised Greece for allegedly violating the religious rights of the Muslim Minority in Thrace, demanding the election of Muftis and not their appointment by the state, as is the case to date.

What is being diligently concealed by the Turkish side, the sources conclude according to Proto Thema, is that the same practice (appointment of Muftis) is followed in Turkey, which, if nothing else, indicates the hypocritical nature of the criticism against our country.

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