Lesvos now has less than 1,000 asylum seekers - Reduction of over 95% in two years

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Less than 1,000 asylum seekers are now living in Lesvos, according to data announced by Immigration Policy Minister Notis Mitarachi.

In particular, based on the data published on June 13, 996 people lived in the Reception and Identification Centre of Mytilene, compared to 20,922 on March 1, 2020, recording a decrease of 95.26%.

Notis Mitarachi

Mitarachi, in a tweet, stressed that the reduction of asylum seekers came as a result of a "comprehensive political response to the immigration crisis", adding that the government took into account local communities "which were systematically ignored by SYRIZA".

"Lesvos now has less than a thousand asylum seekers, the result of a comprehensive political response to the immigration crisis," he wrote on his Twitter, quoting tables with data.

"Fully taking into account the local communities, which SYRIZA systematically ignored," he added.

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