Turkish media continue their provocations – “We can go swimming to Kastellorizo”

Turkish media

Turkish media continue their unbelievable propaganda against Greece and this time they put Kastellorizo ​​as their target.

They even characterise the idea that this island belongs to Greece as “paradoxical”, citing the kilometre distance that separates it from Turkey.

According to SKAI, the director of the Hürriyet newspaper, Ahmet Hakan, stated that “can I go swimming in Kastellorizo? A good swimmer can. 2,100 meters from Turkey.”

He added that “it is paradoxical that this island belongs to Greece”, while the professor of the Department of Strategic Research at the University, Atlinbas, Eray Güçlüer replied that “the British pressed and gave it to the Greeks”.

Turkish analyst sees blockade at entrances and exits

Extreme scenarios for the next moves of the Turkish president against the Greek islands, in case Greece does not withdraw its troops, has the Turkish media talking about a naval blockade.

As Hürriyet director Ahmet Hakan said, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made the impression of operating on the islands in statements he made during the Efes 2022 military exercise.

“The president said to Greece to ‘stop militarisation, I’m not kidding.’ This statement gave the impression of seriousness, but you say it is the signal to start a process,” said Güçlüer.

In turn, the professor pointed out that this process concerns “the isolation of the islands, their exclusion.”

“You can block the entrances and exits of the islands,” he continued. “That is, if Turkey says that these islands were militarised in violation of the Lausanne Treaty, it can block them and say that the blockade will end when the weapons are gone.

“That is, it does not allow them to procure goods from the rest of the country,” he underlined.

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