CYCLADES ISLANDS: Extreme prices for accommodation during August: More expensive than Dubai

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The price of gasoline exceeds 2.3 euros per litre in Athens and there are increases in dozens of basic everyday products, thus forcing the spending of Greek households to change - but how does this apply to a summer vacation at the Cyclades Islands?

After two years of pandemic, it makes sense that most people want to escape. Escape from the city and its rhythms and enjoy the sun and the sea from an Aegean island.

How easy is this for the average employee in Greece?

The answer is "not at all", according to Gazetta.

This is because in the third week of August, that is, towards the 15th of August when the summer season is at its peak and most people take their summer vacation, the prices of accommodation have skyrocketed.

For those who have not booked a room in the Cyclades for that week, the situation is now desperate.

More specifically, with a quick search we did on Booking and Airbnb, it seems that there is not a single small accommodation with a price of less than 100 euros per night on popular islands, such as Milos, Sifnos, Folegandros, Mykonos and Santorini.

The situation is slightly better in Paros, Andros and Syros, without of course there being brave differences.


In fact, in some cases, owners can ask for 200 or 300 euros per night for simple rooms!

With simple math, for someone who wants to stay in a double for six nights during that time (August 14-20) we are talking about a budget that starts in the best case from 600 euros and can easily exceed 1000 or even 2000 euros.


In all this, you must also calculate the costs of ferry tickets, which in several Aegean islands now exceed 100 euros (come and go) per person.

The numbers are extreme and in no case do they correspond to the Greek reality.

At the same time a flight to Dubai costs about 400 euros and six nights in a double room in a four-star hotel cost a total of around 300 euros for the exact same period.

We just mention it, the conclusions are yours.

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