MYKONOS: The big "branded" property in Agrari is up for auction (PHOTOS)

Mykonos Agrari

The time of crisis is coming for one of the most "branded" properties in the popular Mykonos.

As New Money reveals, an area of ​​44.6 acres, part of a larger area of ​​a total area of ​​128 acres, which belongs to companies of interests of the Perrotis and Sarantopoulos families, will go under the hammer again.

Based on the latest developments for the three plots of land, that were scheduled to be put up for auction last February, there was an appeal of the company "Extrakton", as well as Ioannis Perrotis, Dimitriou - Eugenios Perrantos Konstantinos (of Sarantopoulos Cylinders) with a request for the first offer price.

Specifically, the three plots of land of 10,656.20 sq.m., 13,970.10 sq.m. and 20,001.70 sq.m., in the Agrari area of ​​Mykonos, were scheduled to go under the hammer on February 23, 2022 with starting prices of 1,280,000 euros, 1,300,000 euros and 1,615,000 euros, respectively.

During the examination of the appeal, the opponents claimed that the largest area of ​​the confiscated three plots of land is located within the blue zone, in which the construction of residential, tourist or commercial buildings is allowed.

A new assessment report was submitted, based on which their value is determined at 4,070,000 euros, 4,072,000 euros and 8,197,000 euros, respectively for the three plots.

They also referred to an offer submitted to them for the purchase of the single area, amounting to 17,000,000 euros, ie by 24% increased compared to the initial assessment report.

According to them, the offered price, which also concerns the acquisition of the shares of the owners of most of the properties, amounted to the total amount of 36,000,000 euros.

The Single Member Court of First Instance of Syros, taking into account all of the above as well as the comparative selling prices of unstructured properties in Mykonos (from 116 euros per sq.m. up to 500 euros per sq.m.), decided, on February 11, 2022, the price correction first offer to 2,000,000 euros for each of the first two plots and to 2,300,000 euros for the third.

Agrari mykonos

Thus, the total new starting price for the auction on June 30 is set at 6.3 million euros.

Agrari on the Island of the Winds

The area of ​​Agrari is located in the middle part of the south side of Mykonos, about 15 minutes by car from Chora and 10 minutes from the airport, characterised by the homonymous beach and the hilly areas that surround it.

The beach is located between Super Paradise and Elia beaches, which is one of the most popular on the island.

According to the assessment report, it has a south-southeast orientation (ideal for Mykonos where mainly north winds blow) and is touristically developed.

In the area there are some tourist facilities, as well as luxury holiday homes or houses in complexes. Many of them are rented as holiday villas with very high rents.

As noted in the reasoning of the court decision, these plots, "which all overlook the beach and the sea and are located a short distance from it, are part of a larger area, which consists of 19 plots (s.s. of the same interests), which arose from the division of the major area and occupy the eastern slope of the hill and the cape to its south."

"The total area consists of two sections that lie on either side of an old rural road that ends at the western end of the beach."

The history of joint venture

The case was revealed in October 2021 and based on its history, it started in 2007, that is, shortly before the country entered the long financial crisis.

Brothers Giannis, Athanasios (Nasos) and Dimitris-Eugenios Perrotis, as well as Konstantinos Sarantopoulos set up three companies of tourism, hotel, development, construction and real estate services with the names Extrakton 1, Extrakton 2 and Extrakton.

All three companies were established on July 23, 2007.

A few days later, on July 30, it was agreed to enter into joint bond loans, amounting to 7.24 million and 3.76 million euros.

The next day, on July 31, through these companies, the plots of land located at Koundouros - Akrotiri Agrari of Mykonos and belonging to the well-known construction company EKTER SA were acquired.

The total area reaches 128 acres and the total starting price for the auction of February 23, 2022 was 13.77 million euros. Shortly before the hammer struck, auctions were suspended due to opposition.

Agrari mykonos

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