Panagiotis Koumoundouros: The Akis Petretzikis look-a-like is the new Greek MasterChef!

Panagiotis Koumoundouros

The final of Master Chef 6 was held on Wednesday night and Panagiotis Koumoundouros emerged victorious.

In an atmosphere of noble rivalry between the two finalists, Panagiotis Koumoundouros or Panoulis, finally prevailed by collecting 5 points more than Kalliopi in the total score of the previous days’ trials.

Panagiotis Koumoundouros

The final test in the presence of almost all the players who went through the contest included as usual a copy plate.

The guest was the 3-star chef Clare Smyth, who came with a very demanding dish.

Both copies were considered very good, however they did not pass the fold, due to small details that make the difference in a restaurant with 3 Michelin stars.


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With a final score of 58 points, she prevailed over Kalliopi Bezante (who collected 53 points) and was crowned the new Greek Master Chef, winning the cash prize of €50,000!


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A few words about the big winner

He kept a low profile in the competition, avoiding intrigue and tension, and as a result of he was liked by everyone from the beginning, both players and the TV audience.

At the same time, he made great progress in the game and slowly began to rise, always with humility.

So he managed to find himself in the final with Kalliopi Bezante, who was also not among the favourites from the beginning of the game. Besides, she had been proposed many times, removing many players from the game.

The first thing that the viewers and the judges noticed in Panagiotis is his resemblance to the first Greek Master Chef, Akis Petretzikis. It seems that this resemblance was finally crucial and was a saving for his final… coronation!

Otherwise, Panoulis was the calm force in cooking reality. Humble and studious, with a steady upward course, smiling and polite.

What do we know about him?

He is originally from Mani and is 28 years old.

His goal is to open his own restaurant at some point. In his free time he trains and even likes cross fit.

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