The bougainvilleas of Nafplio

The bougainvilleas of Nafplio
The bougainvilleas of Nafplio
*Image Credit: Βυζάντιο

Only two hours away from Athens, Nafplio has been named Greece’s prettiest and most romantic towns.

It is set in a breathtaking location, on a small port in the Peloponnese, beneath the towering Palamidi fortress.

It’s a place where you can wine, dine, enjoy delicious loukoumades, drink coffee at your leisure, and also enjoy some shopping while staying at boutique hotels that are modern yet classic.

The bougainvilleas of Nafplio

This gorgeous town is also ideal for walking, as you can leisurely stroll and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Old Town, with its array of bougainvillea-filled streets.

Bougainvilleas are tropical vines that can grow from 1-12 metres high, love the sun, and pack a huge punch of colour.

Walking through alleyways adorned with bougainvilleas, is really mesmerising... and instagrammable!

Fun Fact: Nafplio was for a brief period the first capital of the Hellenic Republic following the Greek Revolution of 1821, up until 1934.

This magical town is a perfect destination for all seasons. It's just so charming... no wonder people keep coming back!

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