Cash-strapped but want to travel to Mykonos? Here are some money saving tips


Six hundred euros for two cocktails and a meze, 700 euros for a beach chair and even a simple gyros’ well inflated to the rest of Greece, Mykonos is certainly not a cheap travel destination anymore.

However, it is also one of the most iconic Greek islands, with its windmills, beautiful town centre and famous nightlife known all over the world – essentially a place that cannot be missed by any traveller.


Mykonos may be considered the playground of the rich and famous but it is certainly possible to go there and not spend a lot of money.

There are lots of things to enjoy around the island that won’t cost you a fortune.

Consider traveling out of season

Peak travel time is June to late August when prices are at a high, especially in mid-August, and the beaches and restaurants are crowded.


Shoulder season (April to early June and September to early October) is a more pleasant time to visit, and more importantly, accommodation prices are cheaper!

Budget accommodation actually exists

There are so many hotels, B&Bs and villas on offer that you will most definitely be able to find a reasonably priced one on your dates.

Keep in mind that the best value-for-money accommodation options are scattered across the island’s countryside rather than Mykonos Town.

Also, don’t forget that the earlier you book on sites like, the better deals you are likely to find.

Ultimately though, prices are cheapest in April and October, followed by May and September (outside of public holidays).

Cheap eats

Oti apomeine (literally translating to “whatever is left”) is a family run little taverna that will leave you wanting more.

Whatever is Left taverna Mykonos

A 15-minute drive away from the chora of Mykonos, you will find the beautiful little village of Ano Mera.‍

Don’t be fooled by the humble and simple appearance of the outside. The menu of this little Mykonian restaurant is a mix of seasonal meze (greek tapas-style little dishes), seafood and meats.

In Ano Mera you will also find the monastery of Panagia Tourliani, just a few steps away from Oti apomeine. It was founded in 1542 and it’s worth taking a little tour of the interior to admire the beautiful baroque architecture.

Il forno di Gerasimo is great if you have a craving for pizza. Found in Chora, it also serves Greek classics like pastichio and gemista.

Il forno di Gerasimo mykonos pizza

Sakis Grill House, how can you go wrong with a simple Greek gyros? In Business Since 1986, it serves traditional Greek Souvlaki in Mykonos 7 days a week.

Sakis Grill House Mykonos

Best Free Things To Do in Mykonos

Mykonos is not all fancy parties and expensive activities. There are many things to do in Mykonos which don’t cost a single cent.

Here are a few of them:

  • Watch the sunset at Little Venice.
  • Hike from Agios Stefanos Beach to Armenistis Lighthouse.
  • Wander around the quaint streets of Chora.
  • People watch at the picturesque windmills.
  • Stroll around Ano Mera Village.
  • Swim in the waters of the most pristine free beaches in Mykonos.

Best Free Beaches in Mykonos

  • Agios Sostis Beach: Perhaps the most pristine of all Mykonos beaches, long and sandy. No sunbeds/umbrellas. Accessible only by private means of transport.

Agios Sostis Beach mykonos

  •  Ftelia Beach: Beautiful sandy beach which can get quite windy. Sunbeds/umbrellas for a fee. Accessible only by private means of transport.
  • Kalo Livadi Beach: Beautiful long and sandy beach, perhaps the most cosmopolitan on our list but also, surprisingly, calm and unspoilt. Sunbeds/umbrellas for a fee and home to one of the most popular beach bars in Mykonos. Accessible by public transport.
  • Lia Beach: One of the smallest beaches in Mykonos with crystal clear waters. Sunbeds/umbrellas for a fee. Accessible only by private means of transport.

Lia Beach Mykonos

  • Fokos Beach: The most remote and unspoilt beach on our list. Amazingly crystal clear emerald waters in an absolutely calm setting. No sunbeds/umbrellas. Accessible only by private means of transport (you need to drive on a dirt road for a while, but it’s in excellent condition).
  • Agios Stefanos Beach: The closest beach to Chora on this list. Long, sandy beach with views to the Old Town and the ferries that come and go to the nearby New Port. Sunbeds/umbrellas for a fee as well as a quaint tavern on the beach. Accessible by public transport and on foot from Chora.

agios stefanos beach mykonos

How To Get Around Mykonos

Public transport is by far the most budget-friendly way to get around Mykonos Island. The bus can take you from Chora and many other towns to and from the airport or port as well as to many of the island’s beaches.

However, if you really want to explore Mykonos and see its off-the-beaten-path treasures, the bus isn’t for you.

The obvious choice if you want to explore the island at your own pace is renting a scooter. That will save you time, money and it can take you to all of the island’s hidden gems.

Mykonos scooter

One word of caution though: only rent a scooter if you indeed have a motorcycle driver’s license and you are used to riding a motorbike.

Otherwise, it can be extremely dangerous. And there’s no reason why you should risk getting even the most minor of scratches.

You’re there to have fun and relax, remember?

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