The Citroën My Ami Buggy could be the ultimate Mykonos party animal

Citroën My Ami Buggy

The already known Citroën My Ami Buggy has its most adventurous times on the VIP rides on the Cote d’Azur, but it is now coming soon to Mykonos.

Along with the presentation of the “simple” Ami, Citroën presented a prototype, with a more adventurous character and a willingness to return to the more carefree times of the car.

The French company finally decided to proceed with the production, and now My Ami Buggy is a fact. However, this is not a large-scale production model, as only 50 units will be manufactured and only sold only on the French market.

The production version is not as radical and special as the original, although it retains many of the elements of that vehicle.

The plastic parts are painted in khaki color and are combined with yellow details, metal bars instead of doors, removable fabric roof and a new set of 14-inch wheels in gold colour.

Citroën My Ami Buggy

It also features plastic upholstery on the bumpers, wings and side sills, as well as a new trim around the headlights and taillights that make it look more crossover.

The roof is waterproof and resistant to UV radiation and can be easily removed thanks to special fasteners, while it fits behind the seats when folded.

Citroën My Ami Buggy

Any off road references have been removed from the concept, as Ami Buggy will obviously have a hard time on dirt roads.

There are now regular asphalt tires, while the mechanical parts remain the same as the regular Ami version.

The living room has the same basic design as the simple Ami, with a strong presence of yellow in various places.

Citroën My Ami Buggy

Each My Ami Buggy will be marked “My Ami Buggy Ultra Limited Edition” and will be numbered.

Its sales will start on June 21 in France with deliveries starting on August 8. At the moment we do not know the price, nor whether its production will increase to go to other countries.

This prospect, however, has not been ruled out by Citroën, depending on the demand that will exist for these 50 cars that will be built in the first phase.

Citroën My Ami Buggy

If this really happens, as News Auto says, the Greek summer and the traffic jams at Mykonos parties would have found their ultimate vehicle.

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