Dora Makrygianni tests positive for Covid for a THIRD time

Dora Makrygianni

Dora Makrygianni tested positive for COVID-19 for the third time, as she made known through her social media.

More specifically, the actress posted a photo of herself and in the caption announced that she is sick again with COVID-19.

"Covid dedicates itself to me again: And yet I am still here… this summer too !!! You can take me if you want to a laboratory to help with the research, with two vaccines and two diseases my coronavirus knocked on the door again. Marmot Day has become my life," she wrote in detail, through her personal Instagram account .

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It is recalled that the first time she fell ill, the actress had informed her fans with a video.

"It's probably Omicron, I do not know what to tell you, we did the PCR and they do not tell us what it is," she said.

"It's Delta, it's Omicron, what's going on? So these are from me. A! I have an idea.

"Since most of us are the ones who are stuck, why don't we take to the streets to move around freely and the few of you who are left to stay at home to be protected?

"Stay inside so that we can go out, because there are too many of us," she had said in the clip.

Dora starred as Marina Antoniadou in Γυναίκα Χωρίς Όνομα (Woman Without a Name) and as Aliki Venekidis in Ήλιος (Sun).

The actress was born on February 15, 1991. After finishing school, she graduated in economics and insurance and worked in her father's insurance firm in Aigio.

At the age of 24 he settled in Athens, taking exams at various theater schools. Finally in 2015 she was admitted to the Drama School of the National Theatre starting her studies.

She graduated from the National Theatre in the spring of 2018.

Dora Makrygianni

During a show she participated in shortly before the end of her studies, Theano Kyriaki from ANT1 offered her the leading role for the new daily drama series of the station Woman Without a Name.

As she stated in an interview in 2018, she was not at all prepared for a leading role in a TV series: "I had never done TV before. Until a message came to go and see me for this new series of ANT1."

"I did not even do a rehearsal and they gave me the role.

"Theano Kyriaki, who is on the channel and had singled me out, had seen me at my graduation exams at the National ... It was a wonderful gift!"

Dora Makrygianni

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