Elon Musk tweet of 1453 Fall of Constantinople baffles Turkish media

Screenshot 20220618 112128 Messenger

Tesla founder and billionaire Elon Musk has baffled and intrigued many online Turkish media outlets after he tweeted a meme referencing the 1453 fall of Constantinople.

In the meme a Byzantine soldier is in bed thinking to himself whether he "locked the gate" and under the image: 1453 Constantinople.

The Fall of Constantinople, also known as the Conquest of Constantinople, was the capture of the capital of the Byzantine Empire by the Ottoman Turks.The city fell on 29 May 1453.

Musk's cryptic tweet has puzzled many, with Turkish outlets asking themselves whether it was a positive or negative tweet? Or why did Musk refer to the date the city fell? Or why didn't he call it Istanbul?

Screenshot 20220618 112128 Messenger

"Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shared a post on his social media account referring to the Ottoman control of Istanbul, which took place in 1453.


"The richest person in the world, Elon Musk, became the agenda with his tweet.

"Using the year 1453, when Istanbul came under the control of the Ottoman Empire, in his post, Musk shared "Did I lock the door?"

"Many Turkish followers of Musk also commented on the post. The post is thought to be a reference to the recently strained Turkey-Greece relations." wrote the Turkish edition of Sputnik news.

Whether Musk was indirectly pointing to the strained relations between Greece and Turkey or something wider such as the Barbarians at the Gates theme given Western culture and values are under attack from the very people that have enjoyed its fruits for centuries...we'll never know unless Musk clarifies it for us


Until then, it remains a tweet, a cryptic tweet.