Greek taxi fares get a rise as summer season kicks off

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Greek taxi fares are set for an increase following a decision  by Deputy Infrastructure & Transport Minister Michalis Papadopoulos on Friday.

A sampling of the new fares is as follows:

- Minimum charged ride fare: 4 euros

- Starting rate: 1.8 euros (from then on, the fee for regular fare/Tariff 1 is 0.9 euro/km; for night fare between 00:00-05:00/Tariff 2: 1.25 euros/km)

- Fare between Athens center and international airport, either way: 40 euros on Tariff 1 (55 euros on Tariff 2)

- Fare between Thessaloniki center and international airport, either way: 25 euros on Tariff 1 (35 euros on Tariff 2)

- Additional fee to and from Greek airports: 4 euros (added to main fare). This does not apply to three routes with set fares: from/to "El. Venizelos" Athens International Airport and Athens center, from/to "Makedonia" Thessaloniki International Airport and Thessaloniki center, and to/from "Megas Alexandros" Kavala International Airport and Kavala center

- Waiting taxi once fare begins: 15 euros for 20 minutes

- The fee for baggage exceeding 10 kilos remains at an additional 0.39 euro per overweight piece

The new fares, all of which include a 13% VAT, will go in effect as soon as they are published officially in the Government Gazette.

Earlier in March this year, Citizens’ Protection Minister Takis Theodorikakos had met with the heads of Greece’s taxi service associations, ahead of the tourism season in Greece, to request that taxi drivers  be instructed to treat tourists with professional courtesy.

The minister said there will be more intense checks on taxis shortly and the Greek police will add more staff at airports and other major travel hubs.

The meeting included the heads of the national federation (POIEATA) and the taxi drivers of Attica (SATA), among others.