Helena Paparizou: Man takes off pants at concert is quickly ejected

Helena Paparizou

An unthinkable incident happened during Helena Paparizou's concert in Thessaloniki.

The famous Sweden-born singer was on stage and sang her hits, but was forced to interrupt her performance when she realised that something was happening in the front rows of the audience.

When she stopped the music and asked her fans through the microphone what was going on, some of the girls replied that there was a man in the crowd with his pants down.

@libertye @Helena Paparizou 15/06 σε συναυλία στην Θεσσαλονίκη. Τα λόγια περιττά 👑 #helenapaparizouofficial #helenapaparizoufanclub #metoo #fy #fyp #queen #humanity #unicef #goodwillambassador #greece ♬ original sound - Eleftheria

Apparently irritated then, the singer asked for the man to be removed and to call the police.

"I will directly ask this man to leave and call 100. It is a place with small children, please," said the singer from the stage, obviously feeling anxious about the incident.

The audience below the stage burst into applause with her attitude towards what happened and hurried to say "bravo."

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