Jorginho and his girlfriend are absolutely in love with Mykonos (VIDEO)

Jorginho Catherine Harding

Mykonos has been visited by many football stars over the years, and this summer season is no exception, with Chelsea and the Italian national team ace Jorginho seen on the “Island of Winds”.

He was accompanied by his impressive partner Catherine Harding, who in the past was in a relationship with famous actor Jude Law, while two years ago she also appeared in the UK edition of the Voice.

The couple live their life on Mykonos without caring much about whether the paparazzi are lurking around them.

Mykonos Live TV spotted them enjoying the sun and the sea in Paraga where they took several photos.

Who is Jorginho?

Note that the personal story of 31-year-old Jorginho, apart from the story he writes on the pitch, is also interesting and could become a screenplay for a film: He was born and raised in Brazil.

He never met his father, but he had his mother by his side from whom he learned the secrets of football! At the age of 15, he arrives in Italy with a bunch of other talented kids who had been spotted by a resourceful Italian agent with connections to the country of coffee.

He did not have a penny on him, and where he would stay during the hours without training in Verona’s infrastructure was the biggest problem.

The solution was given after a few days and the little one was suddenly found in a monastery, under the roof of catholic monks who agreed to take care of him. Jorginho does magic with the ball and in 2007 comes the big opportunity.

Verona’s coach, in the first part of the season, is Mauricio Sari, who asks the administration to see what kind of players there are in the academies. The coach sees the young midfielder and is ecstatic. This is the starting point for a great career!

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