Cretan man turns up to his own wedding thinking he was going to a baptism


A Cretan man was duped by his wife thinking he was attending a baptism but on arriving at the church  was surprised to discover that he was actually turning up to a wedding: his own!

As reported by the unsuspecting groom Mr. Manolis Manatakis had been united with his better half in a civil marriage but his wife, Julia Vrontaki, decided it was time to seal their relationship with a religious marriage ceremony as well

On Saturday afternoon, Julia Vrontaki told her husband that she will be the godmother of a child at the Church of Christ in Kalyves, Apokoronas municipality in Chania where she had earlier 'dressed up' the church for the surprise wedding ceremony.

When Manatakis arrived at the church, he was greeted by his wife dressed as a bride.

“My love, welcome to our wedding!”  exclaimed his wife and handed him a bouquet.

Family and friends were all in on the prank, except of course the unsuspecting groom!