Syrian sailor died in port of Volos

port of Volos

A 50-year-old Syrian man breathed his last this morning in the commercial port of Volos , when during his work he lost consciousness and collapsed in front of dozens of his colleagues.

The unfortunate man from Syria was working on a cargo ship in the commercial port of Volos, which at that time, according to Proto Thema, was unloading the scrap to be transported to a large industry in the area.

The 50-year-old Syrian reportedly felt unwell, told his colleagues he was in severe chest pain and collapsed.

He was immediately given first aid, as the ship had a defibrillator and the port authorities rushed in a short time to help, along with a doctor and rescuers.

However, they did not succeed and despite his immediate intubation, he was transported dead to the "Achillopouleio" Hospital of Volos.

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