Giannis Antetokounmpo Disney family movie RISE has World Premiere in Los Angeles

Giannis Antetokounmpo Rise

The official premiere of "Rise" in Los Angeles, the movie about the life of the Antetokounmpo family created by Disney, was full of sparkles and smiles.

The film that chronicles the adventures of the family that left Nigeria for Greece and came to have in the ranks of the NBA champion, Giannis Antetokounmpo, has a Greek title: "Rise: The History of Antetokounmpo".

The production travels from the childhood of all Antetokounmpo's in Sepolia to the great path to the NBA, culminating in winning last year's championship against Phoenix.


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The film, also shot in Greece, tells the story of Giannis Antetokounmpo, with an emphasis on his childhood in Nigeria, his family's trip to Greece, the dream come true for his three brothers, Giannis , Thanasis and Kostas in the NBA.

The glamorous premiere of Rise

The official premiere of the film took place in Los Angeles yesterday, a few hours before it goes on the Disney subscription service (24/06).

Of course, the presence of the whole Antetokounmpo family was seen, with Giannis even standing out as he appeared to be wearing the same suit with his two children.

The smile of the whole family was wide all night.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

The premiere of the film about the life of Giannis Antetokounmpo was also attended by the star of Manchester United and England, Marcus Rashford.

"I'm excited and honored that Disney + is transmitting my family history to people around the world. I hope it inspires those in similar circumstances to stay true to their goals and stay on track . better life ", stated in the press conference for the film, Giannis Antetokounbo.

"Greek Freak" will be played in the play by Uche Aganda. Getide Bandaki will play Vera Antetokunbo, Dayo Okenigi will be the father, Charles Antetokunbo, who has passed away. The shooting had started in Sepolia a year ago.

The production of the movie was undertaken by Bernie Golman, who had a corresponding role in the famous film "300". While the script was by Welsh Aras Amel. The movie was originally called "Greek Freak" but will be released in theaters under the title "Rise".

The Milwaukee Bucks star said it was an emotional experience watching the movie about his family's life during a press conference on Wednesday.

"You're excited, but you know, you're going to get emotional. You know your history and you know your journey, but once you see it on the screen it's a whole different case," Giannis said.

Giannis said when the movie starts, you see his parents in Turkey. "Just seeing the fear in their eyes and then it takes you back, like oh wow, before we were even here, before we were even born they were scared," he said. "Only 25, 26, 27, they were scared, I'm 27 now with two kids. Won't share the scene, but seeing them walking away together in the sunset, that was amazing."

When asked what he thought about the actors in the movie, Giannis said he was surprised they could actually play basketball.

"I didn't give them any advice," he said. "When I was watching the movie and watching myself basically, this guy studied me, there is no way and then I asked the director and they showed him clips, the way I use my hands, and where I put my hands."

Out of all the scenes in the movie, Giannis said his favourite was one about praying.

"I go back and I remember we would sit down and pray," he said. "Before school we would pray. Just have faith. Have hope that things are going to be okay. We're going to be happy and we're going to make it as a family."

"Once I saw that in the movie, it took me a couple weeks and I went back to mum, and said you never lost hope," he said. "That's insane. I would have lost hope two years into Greece, like I'm out of here."

"You keep raising us, and put us in school, and having us get educated, trusting us out there, and helping us, and joining a team, doing what we love, but you never lost hope throughout it all until we actually made it."

The original title of the movie was "Greek Freak" but "Rise" later became the obvious choice.

"It's a movie about my family, not about me," Giannis said. "Thansis said when one scores, everybody scores. When one person makes it, everybody makes it. We had the same mentality. How can we share that joy? Because this journey is not about me."

And when someone suggested "Rise" as the title...

"We said that's it! That's it! We started from nothing together and we 'Rise' as a family and we will keep on rising together," Giannis said.

The movie will debut on Disney Plus for streaming on Friday.

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