Twitter LOVED how Helena Paparizou stormed off from MAD VMA 2022 following trapper brawl (VIDEO)

Helena Paparizou

Last night's MAD VMA 2022 ceremony was episodic as it was marred by a brawl between two trappers, with Helena Paparizou making her feelings well known following the incident.

The popular singer left annoyed and shocked during the brawl, while the lawyer of her record company clarified that she will not take legal action.

"The incident that happened is very sad, that's why Helena Paparizou left. She will not file a lawsuit," he said in a statement.

The whole of Twitter stood by the side of the popular singer when seeing the moment she fled amid pushes around the place where the award ceremony was taking place.

Check out the tweets:

"Helena, you did very well when you left, congratulations girl, you showed me your ethos once again and that is why we love you."

"Tonight, she left a LADY after what happened, turning her back on the subculture, and my appreciation for her skyrocketed! We do not deserve Helena Paparizou in Greece… Sorry!"

"Honour and glory to Paparizou!"

"Every year Helena Paparizou makes the best duets, well done for leaving this trapper parody."

"If in our lives we behaved like Paparizou and not like Melisses, our society would be much better."

A fight took place on Wednesday night at the Tae Kwon Do Indoor Stadium as part of the MAD VMA 2022 music awards between trappers Snik and Light.

The security of the area immediately ran to the spot in order to calm the spirits but without achieving many things.

They only managed to remove the two men, who were escorted from the area. In the meantime, however, the event was interrupted for a while in order to restore calm and start again.

Themis Georgantas apologised for this short break, without making any reference to the incident.

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