My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3: Two boats collided during filming, one actor taken to hospital

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

A marine accident occured during the shooting of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 in Palea Fokea, Greece.

Two speedboats, with a total of 16 Greek and foreign actors collided under unclear circumstances in the sea area of ​​Thymari in Palea Fokea near Anavyssos.

One of the two speedboats capsized due to the collision and eight people were found at sea.

Immediately, some of the seven production boats that were in the shooting area rushed to the spot and collected them.

One of them, a Greek national, was slightly injured and was taken to a local hospital by the ambulance for precautionary reasons.

According to testimonies, he was more shocked and did not suffer any injuries. The other seven passengers went to a private clinic for precautionary reasons.

The other speedboat was carrying eight other actors whilst the speedboat that overturned was towed by onshore production.

According to authorities, the injured person was transported by ambulance to a hospital while the other passengers are in good health and have gone ashore.

On Tuesday, preparations began for the shooting in the port of Rafina of Nia Vardalos' new film My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.

After the tremendous success of the first film My Big Fat Greek Wedding, there was the success of the second film My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, but now it is time for the third film in the series.

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