Socialist Androulakis, Marxist Varoufakis, Conservative Varvitsiotis among wealthiest Greek Parliamentarians


Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, Nikos Androulakis, Giannis Varoufakis, Kyriakos Velopoulos, Costas Achilleas Karamanlis, and Kostis Hatzidakis appear to be among the wealthiest Greek Parliamentarians following the publication of their 2020 income tax declarations according to Proto Thema.

Notably, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, had deposits amounting to 833,191.60 euros in a Cypriot bank with a staggering interest in a total of 122 properties in Attica, Mistras and Naoussa, Imathia.


Nikos Androulakis
The President of PASOK-Movement for Change, Nikos Androulakis, declared  19 properties in Crete and Attica, with total bank deposits of 523,522.15 euros in the current year. In 2020, Mr. Androulakis proceeded in the acquisition of a 154 square metre apartment in Papagou for 340,000 euros.

Giannis Varoufakis
According to tax declarations for 2020, the head of the political party MeRA25 Giannis Varoufakis declared a total income of 195,852.47 euros, while from dividends, interest and rights some 170,277.71 euros. The total net  work income was 25,574.76 euros. The income of Mr. Varoufakis's wife amounted to 4,808.02 euros. Together with his wife, they have 11 properties in the prefecture of Attica, 5 motorcycles and 3 cars.

Kyriakos Velopoulos
The President of the Elliniki Lisi, Kyriakos Velopoulos, declared a parliamentary allowance of 79,991.16 euros and 124,367.34 from dividends, interest and rights. His deposits total 124,313 euros, while his wife maintains a Deutsche Bank with 434,354 euros. In addition, Mrs Velopoulos maintains an apartment in Panorama, Thessaloniki, with an area of ​​312 sq.m., which she acquired in 2006 through a donation.

Banking Transactions and Real Estate

The Minister of Infrastructure, Costas Achilleas Karamanlis has deposits of 568,738.14 euros and 1,819,260.11 euros respectively, as well as participation in 22 properties.

New Democracy MP George Vagionas had a bank account balance of 1,347,419.00 dollars and participation in eight properties.

The Minister of Labor, Kostis Hatzidakis, declared interest in 27 properties.

Former SYRIZA Finance Minister Euclides Tsakalotos declared 80,000 euros in mutual fund shares, 70,000 euros, 60,000 euros and 40,000 euros respectively, but also interests in 4 properties, in Kifissia and Preveza. He also declared that he holds shares in the newspaper "Avgi", with an acquisition value of 4,200 euros.