Greek newspaper bans future news on rappers following violence at MAD Video Music Awards (VIDEO)

Snik vs Light

Greek newspaper Eleftheros Typos has declared war on Greek trappers Light and Snik and potentially all similar types of trappers, rappers, with a news ban effective immediately following their violent brawl at the recent MAD VMA 2022 awards ceremony.



"For this reason, is no longer going to show anything that concerns them, no matter how clicky. We prefer to upload news about Xarchakos and not about the trap, the trappers and anyone else who does what they can to stay in the spotlight." wrote Mihalis Mardas for the paper.

Last night’s MAD VMA 2022 ceremony saw a disgraceful display of violence and disregard for what was to be a night to celebrate music as it was marred by a brawl between two trappers, Snik and Light.

Many celebrities, notably  Helena Paparizou walked out of the event at the sight of the brawl; a move that was applauded by the public and her peers.

The popular singer left annoyed and shocked, while the lawyer of her record company clarified that she will not take legal action.

“The incident that happened is very sad, that’s why Helena Paparizou left. She will not file a lawsuit,” said her lawyers  in a statement.