MYKONOS: Extortionist Attack in Matoyianni – Police officers looking for thugs

Matoyianni Mykonos

More than 10 police officers armed attempted to raid well-known shops in Matoyianni, Mykonos, at midnight on Friday, handcuffing nightclub employees working at the reception.

The spectacle terrified tourists videotaping the police operation, capturing unprecedented images, assuming they were watching the arrest of notorious criminals, Proto Thema reported.

The authorities’ raid was aimed at bringing in people who are illegally employed in the security of restaurants and entertainment shops, however, some of the people who were arrested, according to the owners of these businesses, are working legally.

The operation of the police authorities to locate the thugs who are looting the island took place after the hotelier was beaten with an iron bar by an unknown man who remains unaccounted for despite the fact that the authorities have at their disposal a video of the beating.

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