MYKONOS: The most expensive bougatsa in Greece – The price?

Mykonos bougatsa

Tourists visiting Mykonos this summer have the opportunity to try the most famous sweet of Thessaloniki, but has been accustomed to this island, at an astronomical price of course.

The “Island of Winds” is living old – pre-coveted – glorious moments this summer with thousands of tourists from all over the world visiting it and uploading photos and videos from their holidays on social media following post-Covid jubilation.

Of course, there are also side songs, which so far have to do with the dizzying prices of the island’s restaurants.

Recently, the news that an American tourist was forced to pay 600 euros for a portion of crab legs in a beach bar in Mykonos made international headlines.

Although almost everyone knows that prices on the island have nothing to do with the rest of Greece, many tourists choose to comment (negatively) on the cost of services they receive during their holidays.

In a recent video on Tik Tok, an American tourist posted the dessert she ordered with her friends.

This is a patisserie with custard, cinnamon, ice cream and sugar, which can be ordered at a well-known beach bar in Mykonos.

In short, we are talking about their own bougatsa, as we read in the catalog of the store.

@ericasgirlyworld This dessert from Principote in Mykonos is everything! 🍰 #travel #ericasgirlyworld #foodie #luxurytiktok #luxurytravel #dessert #principote #mykonos #greece ♬ original sound – Erica de Lima – Luxury Fashion

How much does the most famous dessert of Thessaloniki cost on the Cycladic island?

As the user who uploaded it wrote, this particular dessert for two people cost 40 euros, which definitely makes us talk about the most expensive bougatsa in Greece!

Elsewhere, people have reported a €25 souvlaki, €150 for fried squid and €15 for coffee.

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