Turkey considers Plan B with used Eurofighter if US rejects F-16s, Milliyet reports

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Turkey is considering Plan B for armaments programs as the country wants to fill the gap that will arise if there is no agreement with the US on the F-16 fighter jet upgrade, according to the Turkish newspaper Milliyet.

The alternative plan envisages the purchase of used Eurofighters. In fact, the commander of the Turkish Air Force met with the commander of the British Royal Air Force in London, with the aim of acquiring Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft.

"The Eurofighter Typhoon, which Turkey plans to add to its fleet, has very similar features to the Rafale aircraft that Greece bought from France," writes the author of the article, which also compares the two fighter jets.

In particular, the Rafale has an advantage in low-altitude air combat and the Eurofighter Typhoon in high altitude air combat.

At the same time, the article states that the Rafale was built to be effective in air-to-ground wars, while the Eurofighter Typhoon has effects in air warfare.

The Rafale also has the option of some aircraft carrier landings, but according to the report, it is a detail of the balance in the Aegean that can be achieved through British aircraft.

"Turkey's goal is to 'maintain naval and air supremacy in the Aegean, because we know we cannot trust Washington,'" Milliyet writes.

"No" to fighters from France and Russia

Earlier, the author of the article was trying to find out what options Turkey has if Joe Biden and Congress do not allow the sale of new F-16s to Turkey.

"We are not even thinking of buying fighter jets from France," the author wrote, speculating that French President Emmanuel Macron would ostentatiously refuse, while rejecting the idea of ​​buying fifth generation SU-57 fighter jets from Russia.

This is due to the problems in the training of pilots, the common communication system of NATO and the maintenance-operation.

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